Love Interest

by Roshirai

[UPDATE (11/25/12): I've just updated the game to add unique date text for each of the five crewmen, as well as reduce the number of successful dates required to complete a crewman (5 ---> 4). Thanks everyone for playing Love Interest!]

My chosen genres were dating sims and Facebook games, and what I ended up with was a game that has you try to juggle saving the galaxy with getting in the pants of your alien crew. Any thematic similarities to a certain AAA narrative-driven science fiction RPG series are entirely, ahem, "unintentional". ;)

A few gameplay notes:

* Your final score is your chance of completing the final mission multiplied by the number of crew members you've slept with. Saving the universe is worth nothing if you have no one to go home to. :)
* Once a crew member has been "completed", they'll get a yellow box next to their LOVE stat. You can ignore them at that point: they'll never lose that "completed" status no matter what you do.
* Crew members gain stats based on the attribute that is linked to the mission slot they are assigned to. You can build a crewman's "off" stats by assigning them to mission slots they're not well-suited to.

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy it. :D

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