The Hate Combinator

by Daniele Giardini

Since I hate puzzle games, here is mine, where you have to destroy hateable stuff (from Hitler to Berlusconi) to get points and combos.

Play Online (requires Unity Web Player)

Gameplay Trailer


The downloadable version here is for Windows, but if you need/want a Mac/Linux one, you can get it here


Made with Unity 4, for Windows, Mac, Linux.

The main thing I learned from this jam was pixelart. I approached it for the first time with this game (using PyxelEdit, simple, free, and very efficient), and it was quite fun. It took me 3 days to create the graphics and the coding from scratch, and due to the 2D nature of THC I would've probably gone a lot quicker had I used Flash. But lately I'm in love with Unity, and luckily there is 2D Toolkit, so I went with that.

Have fun, possibly ;)

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