Super Metronome Hero

by Zutty

Controls: * Arrow keys and Enter for menu navigation * Press any key in time with the pendulum

Super Metronome Hero is a rhythm game. Rather than trying to make a game I wanted to play out of this rather popular genre I decided to send it up with this nonsense joke game. The game has only one button (which is ANY button on your keyboard, incidentally) which you must press in time at the specified tempo, every beat for four bars. You unlock different tempos as you progress.

Rhythm games are the only genre I truly hate, but since I lack any music-making skills or equipment, I would have had to find decent-quality public domain music to make a true guitar-hero style game. To save myself this trouble, I decided instead to boil the concept down to its bare bones. Enjoy!

Major thank you to my friend Dan (@djcsdy) for encouragement and some technical assistance.

I used Flashpunk to write the game. The source is available online here...

I got all my music and sound effects from Credits...

Music - bebto 'Ready?', '1,2,3,4' - shawshank73 Cheering - freesound Booing - acclivity Metronome tick/tock - digifishmusic 'Perfect' chime - BristolStories 'Star' chime - cfork Menu blips - looppool

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