by Riot

First person golf game with no HUDs, no aiming aids, no course map, no teleport between shots, and nothing to help you find the ball.


Golf games seem to be about watching power meters and adjusting targeting sights. I prefer being outdoors, exploring procedural landscapes, and playing with physics simulations. So here's my take on the genre.


  • Procedurally generated terrain with procedural woodland.
  • Realistic passage of time, with day-night and summer-winter cycle.
  • Trees grow realistically, in real-time. Of course, that's very slow - you'd have to leave the computer running for a very long time to see it.
  • Time is sped up 120x, so 1 second = 2 minutes in-game. A day lasts about 12 minutes, but you'd have to leave the game running for about 3 days to see the winter snow. The ball is of course very hard to find in the snow.


  • WASD to walk,
  • shift to run,
  • space to jump (why would you need to jump on a golf course? Perhaps to leap over a short shrub...)
  • hold left mouse button to move arms,
  • hold right mouse button to move arms and head,
  • hold both mouse buttons at the same time to move just your head.

Written in C++ using OpenGL. Entire 3D engine written completely from scratch just during this jam in 4889 lines of code.

Development will be ongoing after the jam, with updates at http://facebook.com/pages/GolfXTRM/439126056146754

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